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The Witching Hour Paranormal Ghost Tour is a two hour walking tour that takes you around some of the most haunted and historical places in downtown, Savannah, GA. This tour is lead by a local clairvoyant, Brigid Pitts and her paranormal enthusiast tour guides. Brigid and her team work with investigation equipment such as Dousing Rods, Pendulums, Energy Readers and a Spirit Box.

This tour is all about tapping into the spirit world and safety is extremely important to us. We understand that diving deeper into the spirit realm can be nerve wracking for some so if you would like to come with a drink please feel free to do so!

Be warned, some of the pit stops might be haunted!

Sometimes booze and “boos” go great together!

Some of our haunted destinations include Wright Square to communicate with the first woman to be executed in Georgia, Alice Riley. We also stop by Colonial Cemetery to contact our famous little ghost boy in the cemetery who identifies as Andrew. We also try to summon Rene Rondolier who was a infamous giant that terrorized the city many years go. Another great hotspot is the 17Hundred90 bed and breakfast. We learn about the tragic death of Anna Powell who haunts the Inn. If you are feeling a little thirsty this is location where we get our second wind before we continue on to our final two destinations, Reynolds square and Johnson Square.

We are not the typical ghost tour that tells stories. We allow the spirits to speak for themselves and if you're lucky, they might even show themselves to you!

Join us on a paranormal investigation tour soon. The paranormal is our normal here!

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